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You Are Not a Failure

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Lean in, friend…….because, I’ve got something to tell you. You are NOT a failure! You have done your very best, and that's enough! Most people won't admit it, but we've all messed up! We've all said things we shouldn't, done things we regret, and have wished we could just start over. If I've learned anything over the years, dwelling on my current or past mistakes prevents future growth. This was especially true with my finances! Once I made a mistake, I thought there was no point in trying to fix it. When I learned that was a lie I was telling myself, I changed course and progressed toward my financial freedom journey! When I leaned in and listened to the truth, my life changed for the better! ⠀

Lean Into Truth⠀

Lean into truth and move toward your freedom today! You may feel as if you are in a pit with no way out, but you can climb out! I have done it and so can you! You have to be willing to accept where you are right now and take action to change. You can't hide behind your pride and excuses, you have to lean into God's truth and what He says about you and quit beating yourself up! You are loved, you are enough, you are strong, you are everything you need to be because He equips you.

You Are a Not a Failure

Have you ever said to yourself, "I'm such a screwup? I am not good enough?" If you have, I want you to pump the brakes for a minute. We have all been there. We have all felt so low we believed there was no way things would turn around. Several years ago, when I was going through a rough season, I wanted to throw in the towel! But, some powerful and praying women in my life would not let that happen! These women prayed with me and for me, and also encouraged me with their words.

Replace Negativity with Positivity

One lesson in particular that came up often was how to overcome the battlefield in my mind. How's that you ask? Replace the negative with positive! Take the lies and turn them around with the truth of God's word and repeat them to yourself daily. By doing so, I came out of that season stronger than ever and have kept those tools with me as I walked through other battles. You can come out of this time too!

If you feel as if you cannot possibly climb out of the financial hole you are in, let me give you some encouragement. You CAN. It will take some sacrifice, some learning about yourself, and some time, but you can do it. Let me help you! Contact me today!

Interested in learning more about how you reshape your financial mindset? Check out my Reset Your Mindset Guide today (!

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