The Importance of Teaching Our Children About Money

We are all leaders, even if we don’t realize it. We all have someone we impact (even if you don’t realize it) through our daily lives. We can affect coworkers, neighbors, friends, church family, and, most importantly, our children in our daily lives. When we understand that our children are watching everything we do and taking it in, good and bad, we realize the importance of being good examples. This is why you need to be sure you are giving them an excellent example is not only such things as manners, faith, and health but also with our finances and how we manage them.

Children are Little Sponges

Think about when your child was a baby. They took in everything you did like a little sponge and would copy your facial movements, then words, and then actions. This soaking in of all they see you do can translate into copying your bad habits, including your spending habits. If they see you always struggling with money and not being financially responsible, they may not learn how to be responsible for themselves. This could be to their detriment in their adult lives.

Lead a Child the Way They Should Go

It is never more important to teach your children how to manage their finances. From creating a budget to saving to credit cards to checking accounts and more, it is essential to start teaching your children about finances, even when they are young. Even the youngest child can tithe and give to the church, or save money for a big purchase. By teaching them this when they are younger, it will become deeply ingrained in them, leading to them becoming responsible adults.

It’s Never Too Early

It may seem like no big deal right now, or you may feel like it’s “none of their business” to discuss your finances with your kids, young or old, but doing so will teach and equip them.