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W.E.A.L.T.H Framework Coaching

During our monthly coaching, we will chart the waters to achieving your dreams by developing and utilizing a financial plan that suites you best  (adjusting as necessary). We will meet face-to-face (in person or via zoom) monthly and engage in weekly communication to keep you on track and set new goals along the way.


  • 6 Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions 

  • Mid-Week Check-ins

  • Specific Financial Plan Tailored to Your Wealth Goals

  • Worksheets, Journal Prompts, Biblical Focus, & Resources to Guide Your Journey


Credit Repair Strategy Session

During this "strategy session" we will develop a credit repair strategy specific to our credit report and goals. We pull each credit report from all 3 major credit reporting agencies, review for inaccuracies, discuss dispute options/processes, and plan out payment strategies for reducing debt which will all help to improve your credit score. Additionally, we discuss any habits that might be contributing to a low score and ways to work through those challenges to reduce their impact over tim

What's included:

- 2-3 hours of in-depth analysis of your credit report and financial goals

- Specific credit repair strategy geared toward your financial goals

- Worksheets, dispute letter templates, journal prompts biblical focus, and resources to guide your journey.


During this "Slam Session," we will develop a budget geared towards successfully accomplishing the short-term & long-term goals discussed during your free consult. The purpose behind the slam session is to get you started on a strong note & set a solid plan for moving forward. You are the creator of the dream....I am simply your horse & buggy!


  • 2-3 hour In-Depth Analysis of Your Current Financial Plan

  • Specific Financial Plan Tailored to Your Income & Wealth Goals

  • Worksheets, Journal Prompts, Biblical Focus, & Resources to Guide Your Journey

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