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F.A.B. Group Coaching Program

During our Financial Abundance Blueprint (F.A.B.) coaching calls, we will chart the waters to achieving your dreams by developing and utilizing a financial plan that suits you best  (adjusting as necessary). We will meet via Zoom monthly and engage in communication via Telegram to keep you on track and set new goals along the way.


  • 6 Month Coaching Program

  • 2x Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Individualized Financial Playbooks

  • 24/7 Support

  • Accountability Support

  • Access to all training recordings (inside Hub)

  • Worksheets, Journal Prompts, Biblical Focus, & Resources to Guide Your Journey

  • Networking Opportunities

  • And more!


Credit Repair Strategy Session

During this "Strategy Session" we will develop a credit repair strategy specific to your credit report and goals. We pull each credit report from all 3 major credit reporting agencies, review for inaccuracies, discuss dispute options/processes, and plan out payment strategies for reducing debt which will all help to improve your credit score. Additionally, we discuss any habits that might be contributing to a low score and ways to work through those challenges to reduce their impact over time.

What's included:

- In-depth analysis of your credit report and financial goals

- Specific credit repair strategy geared toward your financial goals

- Worksheets, dispute letter templates, journal prompts biblical focus, and resources to guide your journey.

- Online client dashboard


During this  Financial Session, we will develop a Money Management Plan (aka, budget) and/or Debt Elimination Strategy geared towards successfully accomplishing the short-term & long-term goals discussed during your free consult. The purpose of this session is to get you started on a strong note & set a solid plan for moving forward. You are the creator of the dream....I am simply your horse & buggy!


  • In-Depth Analysis of Your Current Finances (Money Management Plan and/or Debt Elimination Strategy)

  • Specific Financial Plan Tailored to Your Income & Wealth Goals

  • Worksheets, Journal Prompts, Biblical Focus, & Resources to Guide Your Journey

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