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Have you ever.....⠀

· Have you ever planned your wedding in your head? ⠀

· Have you ever laughed until you peed? ⠀⠀

· Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? ⠀

· Have you ever dreamed of something bigger than you felt capable of? ⠀

· Have you ever walked on a journey harder than you could ever imagine? ⠀

· Have you ever felt a loss so grave you thought you would not survive? ⠀

· Have you ever made such a big mistake you couldn’t imagine a way out? ⠀

· Have you ever had friends or family walk away from you because of your mistakes? ⠀

· Have you ever experienced a love so great that all those insecurities were wiped away? ⠀

· Have you ever overcome? ⠀

· Overcame the loss, heartache, failures, and mistakes? ⠀

Friend, I want you to know.......I’ve been there too! ⠀