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Collaborate and Share

Have you ever.....⠀

· Have you ever planned your wedding in your head? ⠀

· Have you ever laughed until you peed? ⠀⠀

· Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? ⠀

· Have you ever dreamed of something bigger than you felt capable of? ⠀

· Have you ever walked on a journey harder than you could ever imagine? ⠀

· Have you ever felt a loss so grave you thought you would not survive? ⠀

· Have you ever made such a big mistake you couldn’t imagine a way out? ⠀

· Have you ever had friends or family walk away from you because of your mistakes? ⠀

· Have you ever experienced a love so great that all those insecurities were wiped away? ⠀

· Have you ever overcome? ⠀

· Overcame the loss, heartache, failures, and mistakes? ⠀

Friend, I want you to know.......I’ve been there too! ⠀

While things may look bleak right now, know that the impossible is possible! ⠀

If you are one of those who have already overcome, reach down and pull another sister up! ⠀⠀

We’ve all been there. Don’t do this alone! No matter what you are going through, sharing the experience can take some of the stress out of it.

Share the Support

When you collaborate with like-minded people, you find support and encouragement. Supporting each other through the good and the bad creates a relationship like no other. There are a few people in this world who have the gift of self-motivation and who don’t need someone rooting for them regularly. People like you and I, the “average joe” need encouragement. Maybe not every day and perhaps not even every week. But, we need someone to remind us we are FULLY capable of accomplishing our most significant dreams! Not because we are not strong enough to do it on our own, but because we tend to let all of life’s “other” priorities get in the way.

Share the Knowledge

When I decided at 20 years old that I was going to join the Army, it made perfect sense that some believed I wouldn’t make it. Those drill instructors were no joke y’all! They broke me, and I cried daily. I started to believe that I wouldn’t make it. Honestly, sometimes I don’t know how I did. Except, at some point, I realized that if I listened and did what I was told, I would succeed. In life, the more I’ve surrounded myself with those who are where I want to go and learned to listen, the more I’ve grown and accomplished goals.

Don’t be afraid to collaborate and share with others. Being transparent about who you are and finding your tribe can give you the success you are looking for. Whether you are trying to find your way to financial security or simply trying to make it through life in the best way, joining with others can be life-changing.

On that note, I cannot close this discussion out before giving a shout out to the girl who has been my personal rock through many of life's ups & downs. Christine is my "life" sister (acquired through life's experiences) and she's got a blog of her own. On this blog, she shares all about family, fun, & fitness. Check it out today by clicking here

Lastly, if you haven't checked it out yet, pop on over to my website to learn more about joining the wealth-building community today!

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