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Money Mindset & Management Foundations Course

This course is designed to show you the basics of building a money management plan that will take you from living in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle to enjoying financial freedom!

  • Mindset - re-frame your money mindset

  • Goal Setting - set "SMART" financial goals (short & long term)

  • Organizing - learn how to organize your expenses to create a budget

  • Budget Creation - create an effective budget geared toward your goals

  • Tackling Debt - learn a simple method for knocking down debt quicker

  • And more.......

Along with a course workbook and video lessons, you'll receive Microsoft Excel budgeting spreadsheets, planners, and more!
Valued at over $149!!

Bump That Credit Score


Are you sick & tired of having a low credit score, not being able to buy the house you want, or dealing with HIGH interest rates and added fees? I developed this course to give you the low down on how to overcome that!

  • Fair credit reporting and Annual report introduction.

  • Disputes and Negotiations

  • Truths vs. Myths

  • Score Booster Tips

  • And more.......

Let's get ready to BUMP those Credit Scores!!

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